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WebCenter 11g PS3 Tutorial: Introduction

Welcome to the WebCenter 11g PS3 Tutorial


In this series of tutorials you will learn all the inns and outs of WebCenter. You will start with nothing and end up with a nicely working portal.
Each part of the tutorial will tackle a specific part of the portal.

During the tutorial we will be building a portal for a virtual company that is specialized in providing education. In each part of the tutorial I will provide some requirements for the portal and how we will implement them. When the tutorial is fully finished, you will have a fully working portal with lots of nice features.
Because we are working on a "bigger picture" and not just create tutorial for each specific part, it allows me to combine different techniques in specific parts. This way, you will see how to combine different techniques because this can be quiet a hastle. Because of this, this tutorial is more a complete integration tutorial of different techniques instead of small tutorials combined to one.

After each part, I will add some additional exercies that you can take. I will of course provide the solution for it, but I will only provide it when i publish the next part of the tutorial.
The reason why i want to add exercises to this tutorial is that you probably will  learn more from those exercises than from the "Hands-on" exercises of the tutorial. For the exercises, you really need to think :)


In order to build all the functionalities of this tutorial you will need to have following things installed:

  • JDeveloper 11g PS3 ( or later
  • Oracle Database (10g, 11g or even Oracle XE will do)
  • WebCenter schema created with the RCU
  • UCM 11g


Notice that the contents below is not final! I can always use your feedback. If you see some topics missing and you really want me to cover it, please leave a comment.
While i am writing the tutorial i definitly will come up to some new topics that I will add so check here once a while to see the changes.

I will do my best to release a part each week or each two weeks depending on my mood and other work. I will also keep the outline up to date so you can see which part i am working on and when it i will be released.

Additional Content

I'm not sure were to put these things but i will also add following topics:

  • Deploy taskflow to a WebCenter Spaces environment
  • Customize OOTB taskflows
  • Deploy customized taskflows to WebCenter Spaces




Yannick, its excellent, I really like it. Could you pls also share its timeline?

Hey Yannick,
Great work, thanks for the information.

I'm most interested in the JSR 286 portlets and IPC - Sections 11 and 12. Any chance you could do those first? it's very hard to find a good tutorial how to do portlets and interportal communication anywhere.

I can move it after the content integration but not before that. Content integration is one of the most important features of any portal. I believe most people will be more interested in that.
I will move the portlet section after part 5.

Thanks Yannick!!

Kindly add one more topic about how to make this portal multilingual?

Good idea. I will even try to slip it into the next part because multilingual goes closely together with content integration.

once again, great post. It's the only hands on guide I was able to find on the internet.
I will follow your article to the end but before that I need to publish the website through a persistent webserver (e.g.: IIS) not JDeveloper so that the management and selected users can follow the progress.
Do you have a link that says how am I supposed to do that?



Great articles..learnt many things from these tutorials..appreciate your time in sharing these...

i am also very interested on content integration and especially chapter 11 and 12 (portlets).i have been playing around with creation of portlets but there are very few good articles/documentation on real world examples for developing portlets. May be user registration form will be good real world example..

looking forward to see those tutorials.

I also purchased your latest book which is the only book now on PS3....

thanks to oracle for releasing many minor versions and patches ( to with PS1, PS2, PS3 etc and 11.1.2) with new features on each versions --:)


Hi Yannick,

How about including Analytics taskflow consumption in custom portal. Things like login metrics, page metrics etc, on a custom portal seems to be challenge for few developers and not much documentation available with oracle.

Seems like a good idea. You can do a lot with the analytics services.
I will see if i can fit it in into the tutorial. Meanwhile, you can read the last chapter of my book. This is dedicated to analytics and shows a few nice examples. I also included a recipe how to create your own report. I might add something like this to the tutorial.

please can u suggest me valid documents to install RCU,WEBlogic,webcetner and configuration of it


As if i want to install webcenter for the DATA CENTER LEVEL.....where in i need to install in oracle database server + webcenter server + weblogic server + RCU (As briefed in the Installing Webcenter 11p from scrach post) in the different hardware server system..then what are the possible ways to make webcenter up and absorbingly working fine.

Pl even provide us the steps which helps us in the practices.

And As is specified in one of the post in the "installing webcenter 11g from the scratch" by me ....i was not successful at this type of setup pls help me on this as well.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Yannick,

I have deployed a Custom taskflow as a shared library on to WC_Spaces managed server. I wanted to display this taskflow in one of the pages of the spaces existing. How to add the taskflow to the resource catalogue in WC Spaces.


I have been thinking on making a separate blogpost about this. This will be published in one of the upcoming days.
It will explain how to build custom taskflows for spaces and it will also show how to add them to the RC.

Hi Yannick,

I am finding it hard to understand the need for custom webcenter application when we already have a preconfigured spaces application.

Can you advice when Should i be going for a spaces app and when should I be using a custom one.

Hi Yannick,

I have a question. Im building an extranet portal that requires a lot of administration. For example, we need an approval workflow (docs, pages, articles), customizing articles and pages at runtime by different users (not personal pages, just the extranet). Should I use custom webcenter app(portal framework) or webcenter spaces?. Thanks!

Thanks Yannick, need more articles like this. After 6 months working with webcenter people are amazed at how much yuo can deliver in such a short period. Just need to know where everything is and how to integrate it :-)

Leep it up - the stack has everything.


I appreciate the time you have taken to do this.
Excellent Tutorial. Thanks a lot.

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