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Customizing taskflows: Adding parameters to WebCenter taskflows

In a previous post I explained the basics about customizing taskflows in WebCenter. This post goes one step further and will explain how we can add input parameters to WebCenter taskflows and use those parameters to drive the taskflows.

As an example we will customize the profile taskflow from the Peoples Connection services by adding parameters so we can decide which parts of the profile we want to display.
You can download the application with the customization here.

Updating metadata in a WebCenter Content Presenter template

I already made some post explaining that a content presenter template can do more than just present the content. You can add pagination or a read more link but you can also add real functionality that can be useful for the content owner or administrator.

For example in this post I will explain how we can add a link to the content presenter that will open a popup where we can update the metadata of the content.

Updating metadata of the content will be done by using RIDC which is the native API for connecting to WebCenter Content where the content is stored.

In this post I will not only show how to build this template but also how to use RIDC and reuse the connection defined in JDeveloper or Enterprise Manager.

Using pagination in the WebCenter Content Presenter

A lot has been written about the content presenter and many people say it is a very powerful tool to integrate content from WebCenter Content into your portal. I fully agree with this but sometimes the content presenter lacks functionality that you would think would be out of the box.

One of those functionalities is having pagination when you have a lot of items to display. Suppose that you want to display the contents of a folder or the result of a query and the number of results can be very large, how will you display this in a proper way to your users? Simple, use pagination! But the content presenter does not support this so we will have to build it ourselves.

In this post I will explain how we can create pagination for the content presenter by building a custom content presenter template.

Using dynamic queries in the Content Presenter

In the past I already talked a lot about the Content Presenter. It is very powerful to display content in all sorts of way. It can interact with Site Studio elements and it is easy to use by using its wizard.

One of the hidden gems of the content presenter is not the wizard but the plain old input parameters you would expect from a taskflow. The wizard everybody uses to configure the content presenter is just a facade to hide the complexity of those input parameters. In most cases this is sufficient but when you want to do more complex things, you would soon bump into issues by using the wizard.

Suppose that you want to display a list of news items from different categories and display a filter so the user can select their preferred category. There is no way of doing this by using the normal way. You would need to introduce a parameter in the query of the content presenter.

In this example I will explain how it is done

Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum Malaga Summary

The OFM Partner forum in Malaga has just finished and it left some very good memories! This forum was even better than the one in Utrecht last year. A lot of the credits go to Juergen Kress and Hans Blaas who organized this event. They really did a very good job!

The venue of this event was in the NH Hotel at Malaga. A nice hotel with lots of room for all the people. My wife and I checked in on Monday and visited the city together with my colleagues from InfoMENTUM. Malaga is really a nice city with vibrant colours and people.

On Tuesday the event started at noon with registration and a lunch. This was the first opportunity to network and network is what I did. It's nice to see familiar faces from previous events. Some of them I met at the partner forum in Utrecht last year so it was a nice opportunity to catch up on the past year.

Using multiple navigation models in a template in WebCenter 11g PS3

As a comment on the tutorial about the navigation model i got the question if it's possible to use multiple navigation models in a custom template.
WebCenter only supports a single default navigation model but you can access any navigation model from your template.

This post gives a short example how you can use multiple navigation models in WebCenter 11g PS3.

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